Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Great Firewall of China?
Because of various information protection policies adopted by the Central Government, websites not hosted in China can be blocked or experience extremely slow load times causing users to either not see your website or leave due to long waits.

In order to reach Chinese consumers, it is important to insure that the site that you are using is hosted in China.

We provide you direct access to Chinese consumers behind the firewall through our website and social media accounts.
I thought the Chinese spoke English?
Less than 1% of Chinese consumers can read, write or understand english.

When trying to reach Chinese consumers it is important to have representation that understands the culture and can translate on your behalf.
Why do I need to register?
You are required to register your details so we can validate that you are a real user with a working phone number and email address. Once you sign up you will receive a confirmation email which will give you access to Daiwokan’s Admin where you can find more information about the Chinese market and our products & plans. When logged into Daiwokan Admin, you will be able to add properties , check the performance of your listing page and access analytics for your Chinese marketing campaigns.
How do we charge?
We provide you with instant access to the Chinese market through various types of memberships. Additional cost will be incurred for other products and services that we offer to streamline your access to the Chinese market. Contact us for more details.
What contracts or commitments are there?
All customers can be billed by use, monthly or quarterly, depending on the product. All plans are clearly marked so there is no confusion.